Chiropractic Adjustment Care -- How It Works And Its Benefits

Chiropractic Adjustment Care — How It Works And Its Benefits

If you’ve been feeling an ongoing twinge in your back, then it’s perfectly reasonable to want to get rid of that pain and discomfort once and for all. However, not everyone is going to be a good candidate for prescription treatment, which means that you might be interested in learning more about chiropractic adjustment care. Whether you’ve visited a chiropractor before, or this is your first time learning about it, here’s what you need to know about adjustment care.

What is Chiropractic Adjustment?

There are several reasons why a person may seek out chiropractic care. However, the most common reason a chiropractor may be necessary is due to pain. This pain can manifest throughout the body, but lower back pain is one of the more frequently treated areas by a chiropractic specialist. Neck pain is another treatment option provided by a chiropractor. If you have been struggling with chronic headaches, a chiropractic adjustment can also be beneficial.

How Does Adjustment Care Work?

Chiropractic adjustment works exactly how it sounds. When you come in for treatment, a chiropractic specialist will immediately take the time to learn more about you and what your chief complaint is. Once you establish where the pain is coming from, your chiropractor will then proceed to use either instruments or their hands to apply controlled force to your joints. This can help improve your body’s function and reduce the existing pain.

You do not need to prepare for your appointment in advance, but it’s a good idea to make a mental note of where your pain currently is. Before your chiropractor starts any adjustments, they will first ask you questions about your health history. It’s possible that you may also be advised you undergo additional testing, such as x-rays. Once you finish discussing your needs, that’s when the chiropractic adjustment will begin.

Typically, your chiropractic specialist will place you on a specific type of chiropractic table. There, you will lay face down. You may notice your chiropractor gently palpitating parts of your back, but when it comes to the treatment, they will use either their hands or their equipment to apply sudden but controlled force to a joint. It’s not uncommon to hear popping sounds when this happens, as the joint is being manipulated outside its typical range of motion.

The Benefits of Adjustment Care

After your appointment, it’s likely that you may notice immediate relief from your pain symptoms. Research has demonstrated that undergoing chiropractic care is extremely safe, as long as you are in the hands of a trained and knowledgeable professional. That said, not everyone is going to have the same amount of benefits from their care, and it’s important to keep a realistic outlook about your treatment. Multiple appointments may be necessary to get the most out of it.

Your provider will discuss the possible outcomes with you and help you come up with an ongoing treatment plan. That said, you may also notice some minor but uncomfortable side effects following your treatment, such as a slight headache or fatigue at the site of your adjustment. As long as you are a good candidate for chiropractic adjustment, however, you can be optimistic about the possibility of remission from your pain symptoms. 

At Flex Spine and Sport, we take pride in offering the highest caliber of care to our valued patients. Our team of professional chiropractic doctors have several years of combined experience in treating a wide number of cases, allowing for you to finally get relief from your ongoing pain. In addition to adjustments, we also offer sports massage and kinesiology taping, giving you your choice in customized treatments. To learn more about chiropractic adjustment, please do not hesitate to contact us today to book your appointment!